Commit 3d241b2d authored by Charlotte Toftemann Thomsen's avatar Charlotte Toftemann Thomsen
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Update 13-enkeltindvindere.sql

parent 560b8f66
......@@ -13,6 +13,7 @@ st.longtext status,
(SELECT LISTAGG(companytype||'('||companytypeno||')', ',') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY companytypeno) FROM drwplantcompanytype WHERE p.plantid = plantid AND companytype NOT IN ('V95','M42','V04','V05','V06','V07') GROUP BY plantid) "ANDRE VIRKSOMHEDSTYPER(PRIORITET)"
FROM drwplant p
LEFT JOIN municipality2007 m ON p.municipalityno2007 = m.municipalityno2007
LEFT JOIN code_733 st ON = st.code
WHERE NVL(p.dataowner, 'KO') = 'KO'
--and p.plantid in (175950,153737,160050,51087)
ORDER BY, p.plantid
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