Commit 4f0a3aad authored by Bjarni Pjetursson's avatar Bjarni Pjetursson
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Update 14-manglende-tilladelser-til-indvinding.sql

parent 348d7f50
......@@ -24,7 +24,7 @@ SELECT
CASE WHEN ia_bo.purpose IS NOT NULL THEN bf.longtext||' ['||ia_bo.purpose||']' END AS oprindeligt_boringsformaal,
CASE WHEN ia_bo.use IS NOT NULL THEN ba.shorttext||' ['||ia_bo.use||']' END AS aktuel_boringsanvendelse,
ia_bo.amountperyear AS bor_tilladelse_m3,
CASE WHEN ia_bo.xutm32euref89 IS NOT NULL THEN 'POINT('||TO_CHAR(ROUND(ia_bo.xutm32euref89))||' '||TO_CHAR(ROUND(ia_bo.yutm32euref89))||')' END AS wkt
CASE WHEN ia_bo.xutm32euref89 IS NOT NULL THEN 'POINT('||TO_CHAR(ROUND(ia_bo.xutm32euref89))||' '||TO_CHAR(ROUND(ia_bo.yutm32euref89))||')' ELSE 'POINT('0 0)' END AS wkt
FROM drwplant anl /* Anlæg */
LEFT JOIN code_808 kl ON anl.municipalityno2007 = kl.code /* Kommune */
LEFT JOIN code_807 rl ON anl.region = rl.code /* Region */
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